Status of Remediation Works and Planned Activities

The Environmental Assessment (EA) identified the proposed remediation methodology and the proposed order of remediation over a 5 year period. The project received approval from the Minister for Planning on 27 February 2007.

Incitec Fertilisers Pty Ltd ('IFL') has also previously received separate approval under Part 3A of the EP&A Act. The two parties (PCCS and IFL) have reached an agreement whereby the soil excavated from the IFL site will be contained in the PCCS containment cell, eliminating the need for the IFL cell.

To enable this outcome to be achieved, both PCCS and IFL prepared modifications to their existing Part 3A approvals to reflect this planned outcome in addition to retaining their current approvals. The modifications were approved by the Minister for Planning under Section 75W of the repealed Part 3A of the Act on 17 December 2012.

A copy of the Environmental Assessment Report prepared in support of the revised Remediation Project can be downloaded here.


Parcel 1
The Cardiff West Estate (CWE) now known as Cardiff Central (CC) remediation excavations (being the first parcel of land to be remediated) were commenced as planned and were completed in late 2007.  Following remediation a Validation Report was prepared noting that the remediation works have achieved the required standards for an industrial use.  The PCCS Site Auditor completed a Site Audit Report (SAR) and a Site Audit Statement (SAS) indicating that the remediation process was conducted correctly and that remediated area is suitable for its intended use. 

All the above mentioned approvals have been obtained and PCCS has obtained excision of the remediated land from the Remediation Order. As such, CC has now been developed and contains 22 subdivided industrial lots. For further information regarding the status of sales please click here.


Parcel 2
Documentation for the second parcel of land to be remediated (Parcel 2) was approved by the Site Auditor and Authorities and remediation of this area was completed in 2015.  


Parcel 3
Documentation for Parcel 3 was approved by the Site Auditor and Authorities. Remediation of this parcel commenced in the second half of 2009 and was completed in October 2010.  This parcel consists of the Triangular Paddock, located to the west of the main site, bound by Main Road and TC Frith Avenue. he PCCS Site Auditor has completed a SAR and a SAS certifying that the land is suitably remediated for residential use was issued in December 2012.  Parcel 3 was sold to the Stevens Group


Parcel 4
Documentation for Parcel 4 has been approved by the Site Auditor and Authorities.  Preliminary remediation works commenced in the third quarter of 2009, including the removal and crushing of the concrete slabs from the former buildings.  The Parcel 4 site was once part of an original natural gully which was in-filled and utilised as the main plant area during the recent smelting operations up until the smelter’s closure.  It is bound by Main Road, First Street and the Incitec Fertilisers site. 

Remediation of Parcel 4 was completed in 2015.


Parcel 5
Documentation for Parcel 5 has been approved by the Site Auditor and Authorities.  The Parcel 5 site is bound by the railway to the north, the containment cell to the east and Parcel 4 to the south.  This parcel includes the current site office, the Old Laboratory building, and was also the location of smelting operations. 

Remediation of Parcel 5 was completed during 2015.


Parcel 6

Parcel 6 comprises the Incitec Fertilisers Pty Ltd (IFL) site. It is bound by the PCCS site on all boundaries with the exception of a portion of the southern boundary which joins First Street. As noted earlier in this section, remediation of this parcel involves the excavation of the IFL contaminated soil and its placement in the PCCS cell.

Remediation of this parcel was completed during 2015.

Remediation of the redundant electrical substation located on First Street and historically leased by AusGrid was undertaken in conjunction with the remediation of Parcel 6.


Containment Cell
The containment cell design documentation has been approved by the Site Auditor and EPA.  A number of pre-construction approvals were required to be obtained prior to works commencing. Approval from the D-G and EPA for the design modification of the cell to allow for the additional IFL material was obtained in December 2012. 

The construction of the containment cell commenced in the first quarter of 2009 and was completed in 2015.

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